Original Heat-pack – Removable Cover


This Heat pack is made using a cotton fabric. It has both an inner and outer bag for easy washing. The inner bag is sewn in sections so as to avoid all the contents falling to one side. Our Heat packs are filled with lupin seed and optional lavender herbs.

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Hit the Spot with one of our adorable ‘Spotpack’ heat packs!

Fantastic ‘all-rounder’ – our ‘original’ heat pack with REMOVABLE COVER is great for stomach cramps, back pain and kids growing pains.
This heat pack will also curl around the neck when you are sitting in your lazy boy or laying in bed.
For a heat pack that stays in place whilst working at the computer or walking around – try our boomerang neck heat pack.

Size: L: 40cm  W: 17cm  Weight: 1.2KG

The ‘Spotpack original’ heat pack has both an inner and outer bag for easy washing and family sharing. The inner bag is sewn with three sections so the contents stay in place where you need them.

Our heat packs are now double sided. Made with gorgeous cotton designer fabrics on one side. On the flip side we use soft corduroy fabric in complementing colours for the lovers of  comfort and good design.

Our heat packs are filled with Australian lupin seeds and are close to odorless when heated (perfect for taking into the office). They do not attract wheat like counterpart fillings such as  wheat. They are ideal for coeliacs’ as there is no wheat dust.

Applying a heat pack to an aching body part provides almost instant relief from pain and stiffness.
Deep and penetrating heat not only relieves your pain but also enhances your recovery process.

– Reduce muscular cramps, aches & period pain instantly!
– Chemical and drug free pain relief. Ready in 2.5 minutes straight from your microwave or 20 minutes in the oven.
– Option to use as both a hot or cold pack. A no-fuss alternative to a hot water bottle.

Let me know if you would like a bonus lavender herb sachet included with your order. It can be placed inside your removable cover before or after heating to give that calming lavender fragrance.

Please let me know if you would like to see other fabric options in the heat pack size you have selected. I always have a large variety of small run designer fabrics that are not listed on Etsy.  I am more than happy to photograph other fabric options for you to choose from.

We recommend changing your well loved heat pack every three years as the contents can dry out, reducing their ability to heat up and retain heat.
They can also become a fire hazard if the contents excessively dry out and are not replaced in a timely fashion.


White Cockatoo, Llamas, Sloths, B&W Arrow, Boho Feather, Protea


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