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Hit the Spot with one of our adorable Spotpack Heat packs!

Our Heat packs are filled with only Australian Lupin Grain – a great alternative to wheat. No wheat smell, no wheat dust (so good for coeliacs), retain the heat for longer, and can be used hot or cold (other options are available for people with peanut allergies – Lupins and peanuts are both from the Legume family). Lavender sachets available to pop inside pillow cases, linen closets and inside of our original heats pack with removable and washable covers.

Spotpacks are sewn with care using a wide variety of fabrics – many featuring our iconic Australian native flora and fauna. The designs of Australian artists ‘Jocelyn Proust’ and ‘Kirsten Kaz’ feature heavily in our range. The Spring 2022 collection combines the fabrics we have become known for with softer corduroy fabrics for those who appreciate both comfort and striking design.

Spotpacks are filled with Australian lupin grain – an alternative to traditional wheat fillings. The benefits are numerous. No strong smell – close to odorless, making them ideal companions to take into the office.

No wheat dust – a great option for those living with coeliac disease.

The lupin seeds retain heat for longer than other fillings and do not attract pests like weevils the way wheat and other fillings can.

The Spotpack neck heat packs sit comfortably around the neck without falling off.

Place the larger designs around the neck, shoulders and upper back for more coverage.
Strap packs tie around the waist, stay in place – keeping the heat where you need it the most. Rotate to cover the stomach.

The ‘Original’ heat pack has a removable washable cover with the inner bag stitched in sections so filling stays in place.
Place a lavender sachet inside the cover for a calming, sensory sensation.Check out our latest addition! Spotpacks NEW mini ‘Aussie Furry Friends’ heat pack with removable cover. It is the perfect size for children both BIG and small.

For lovers of all things cute, cuddly, and 100% Australian handmade ‘Spotpack’ has you covered.

Use your heat pack HOT or COLD depending on your needs.
Quick to heat in your microwave. Chill them in your fridge or freezer.

Tired or sore eyes? Or perhaps you just need to relax. Spotpack’s eye pillows contain linseed (with optional lavender) and place a relaxing weight over the eyes/temples and block out all light. When chilled they can help reduce puffy eyes and relieve migraines. Heat them for 30 seconds in your microwave to help with sore or tired eyes and to relieve blocked tear ducts.

BeesWax Wraps – The eco-friendly way to store your food in the fridge and keep it fresh for longer. Wraps straight around fruit and vegetables. Wrap sandwiches and wraps for school and work lunches. Wrap around the edge of your cheese block to stop it drying out. Cover all bowls including glass, ceramic, melamine, you name it! The beeswax wraps will stick! Made from locally sourced beeswax, Jojoba oil and natural tree resin, infused in lightweight cotton.

If you live in Brisbane find us at 7 LOCATIONS!

  • ‘The Handmade Expo’ pop-up shops in two locations:   
    Carindale Shopping Centre (near the old upstairs food court)
    and Mt Ommaney shopping centre (near JBHiFi).

  • ‘Kiss my Patootie’ handmade collective in Stones Corner (near Aldi).

  • ‘Rent that Rack’ handmade collective in Australia Fair shopping centre, Gold Coast.

  • ‘VEND’ Market Place – 1768 Sandgate Rd, Virginia, QLD

  • ‘That Outlet’ Burpengary Plaza – Shop 32, 179 Station Road. BURPENGARY (near Kaisercraft)

  • ‘That Outlet’ in Strathpine Shopping Centre – 295 Gympie Road, Strathpine (next to Vodaphone)

  • The ‘Glasshouse & Co’ Christmas pop-up – Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

  • You can also find our handmade goodies, heat packs and beeswax wraps. Check my socials to see where I will be this weekend!

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